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Who Is Responsible? If Landlord’s Property Is Damaged During The Move

If you have gone through moving before then don't u agree we pray all the time until we reach to our destination on moving day like god please make everything smooth and successful, because moving is daunting itself and damaging anything during that is a trauma, but when it gonna happen it gonna happen, but rather than sitting on one place and tossing like this going to happen that going to happen, taking a precaution and what steps to take under such situation is a better way at least we know we tried our best to avoid it and now we have the solution to deal with it, so here we are Packers and Movers in Bangalore guiding you how to handle the situation and claim when things slip out of your hand or of someone else hand working for you more or less when during a move a shocking incident like damaging a landlord property occur, point is who is responsible? So let's solve the puzzle for you, follow me.

Your landlord will trail you:

With whom landlord entered into a contract of letting their place of course you, so in case of damage whom he will contact off course you, and when it comes to moving contract with the movers who have entered into a contract? You or landlord? you so, why he would tackle the hassle of filling a claim you have to settle it and for getting back security deposit you have settle it any how.

Time to look what your insurance have and can have:

You will be thanking yourself for buying an insurance to cover your goods, but the problem is will it only cover our good?

Commonly insurance provided during a move cover only 60% of the value of goods other than that if any damage is caused to the landlord property it will not be reimbursed. Instead your movers have to use its general liability insurance or its auto insurance if the damage is caused by the moving vehicle.

That’s why Packers and Movers in Bangalore pressure on search, research and then select, you are dealing with your possession you can't just hand it over to anyone knowing who is credible and who is not is not in option, if you are moving then it's a good idea to ask for certificate of insurance from movers. In India there are two types of insurance policies facilitated by the Movers and Packers Bangalore for protecting your #household goods and appliances transit insurance and all inclusive insurance. If you are wondering what are those then in

Transit insurance – Your will get protection from any damage caused during the transit but any damage caused before or after it won't fall in it  only damage caused to your goods during transportation are covered.

All inclusive insurance - This type of insurance will cover you during entire packing and shifting process, any damage due to human error, while packing, loading, unloading or even during the #transportation, but remember all inclusive insurance is only offered by the Packers and movers company themselves and hence you have to be very sure.

Packers And Movers Bangalore

If you have availed from any of the above insurance then you can contact your mover regarding that.

Even if you are taking any kind of insurance not knowing it's terms and condition and process of claiming in case of damage will do a no good. So while signing a contract be cautions and take out a print if you know any insurer you can contact them for any help.

Also there are certain homeowners and renters policies which provide protection against any damage caused to property inside your residence, in transit or even in storage facility but will not pay to the property damage if the damage is happen by the movers while #packing or during #moving.

What’s next?

Try to track your moving company:

Know this if you have hired a corrupt movers then your options of getting reimbursed for the damage is limited. Before we move to a small court talk to your movers if they are settling according to the terms than there is nothing worry much but if they don't then tell them you are planning to take the issue to the small court, it will help and if not then definitely file a complaint against it, remember when filling complaint address of the offender and employee name is must, so check their website or if it's hard to track then follow this.

  • Review the contract you have signed: when you signed the contract with movers for handling the move you definitely get a copy of it, check the clauses you have agreed upon, also you check you haven’t signed on liability wavier then it will be hard to get compensation.
  • Hire a lawyer, in such scenarios legal letter works well and easily best resolved by negotiation.
  • Photograph the damage as a evidence
  • As a consumer you can file a consumer complaint under consumer protection acts 1986 even in forum or online.

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